Cub CadetXT2 Enduro Series XT2 LX42 42″ Hydro Riding Mower


  • Mulch Kit: Available separately
  • Headlight(s): Dual LED
  • Cup Holder: Yes
  • Operator Presence System: Yes


  • Front-End Protection: A heavy duty bumper comes standard on all XT2 Enduro Series models.
  • AeroForce Cutting Deck: XT2 Enduro Series models are equipped with a fabricated AeroForce deck cutting system that has been tested to deliver a best-in-class cut, with fewer clumps and finer clippings.
  • Adjustable Cut-and-Sew Seat: A 15-inch seat with armrests and 10-degree incline and slide slope provides elite comfort for an unrivaled mowing experience.
  • Optimized Steering: Automotive-inspired handling with an optimized steering system delivers a one-touch, 16-inch turning radius.
  • Versatility: Year-round attachments maximize the versatility of your Cub Cadet Enduro Series tractor.
  • LED Headlights: LED headlights come standard on every Enduro Series model, allowing you to see clearer in low-visibility conditions.
  • Smoother Ride: Enhanced front wheel bearings for friction-free wheel rotation.
  • Tuff Torq Transmission: Hydrostatic transmissions from Tuff Torq feature a robust transaxle with a smooth response making it easy to operate at consistent speeds up to 5.5 MPH.
  • Strong Warranty: Backed by a 3-year no hour limit warranty, 5-year frame warranty and lifetime limited fabricated deck shell warranty.